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Hank Rosenfeld here — no doubt you remember me from the stage comedies I wrote for the Bond Street, DaK, and H.E.A.P. theatres in New York City during the 1980s and 90s, productions which toured Germany, the Netherlands, Minneapolis and Monmouth, New Jersey. The Bond Street players currently roam Afghanistan and other realms needing entertainment, while DaK (a Danish sound effect) and H.E.A.P. (Having Every Art Possible) have disappeared somewhere off-off-off Broadway. East Broadway maybe.

In 1987-88, I worked in NYC’s Puck Building at Spy Magazine, known for its “smart, fun, funny, fearless” journalism and wonderful staff whose spot-on descriptions of America’s elite — Donald Trump was known as the “short-fingered vulgarian”– still bring laughter today. Moving west in 1994, my stories showed up in the Los Angeles Times, their Sunday Magazine, the Detroit News, NY Post, Premiere, PAPER, the Forward, Moment Magazine and The Shambhala Sun. Telling public radio stories on shows “All Things Considered,” “Marketplace,” “Weekend America” and “Off-Ramp,” I also produced comedy on the commercial side of the dial, from legendary KSAN (soon to be a documentary!) in San Francisco to Howard Stern’s last terrestrial station, K-ROCK (WXRK) in NYC.

I’ve written jokes for a long-running Broadway show, Catskills on Broadway at the Lunt-Fontanne Theatre (50 bucks a gag, baby.) and one winter I lived on a pirate ship in the Middle East, as a radio deejay playing records aboard The Voice of Peace, which broadcast, “from somewhere in the Mediterranean.” Later, on staff at the Athens Times, I was arrested for robbing the National Bank of Greece in Syntagma Square. I didn’t do it of course. Whew! Police found me innocent, but beat and slapped me anyway, then gave me as a going away present an Athenian recipe for tzatziki.

Irv Brecher, The Wicked Wit of the West, protesting the 2007 Writers Strike. “As Chester A. Riley would have said, `What a revoltin´ development this is.´ But he only said it because I wrote it.”

To see a funny promotional video for the book The Wicked Wit of The West, click on: http://www.libridivertenti.it/a-pesca-con-groucho-c2x13427728