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(Translation thanks to Flash Rosenberg)

FISHING WITH GROUCHO – A precious book

Silhouette publish the biography of the great American comic signed by Irving Brecher

FISHING WITH GROUCHO – A valuable book continues the meritorious work of recovery of texts ( auto) biographical dedicated to the great American comedy initiated by Silhouette Publisher: this time the book is signed for four hands by Irving Brecher , now ninety, and the journalist (giornalista) Hank Rosenfeld, dedicated to Groucho Marx.

” Fishing with Groucho ” collects the memories of six years of lunches, walks and evenings with the ultimate pioneer of a Hollywood that no longer exists , Irving Brecher , one of the authors of the most prolific and original that the entertainment world has ever known.

The best friend of Brecher was Groucho Marx, who described him as ” The Wicked Wit of The West” , untranslatable expression in Italian that would sound more or less like ” The most scathing language of the West .”
Friendship between the two is devoted to the heart of this book, ranging from the most intimate stories of the idiosyncrasies of a movie star curiosities collected on movie sets , to the surreal tales of dinners and relaxing holiday far from where the shy author was dragged into embarrassing situations to say the least .

An essential reading for all lovers of great cinema .


Perhaps the funniest book of the year

The publisher Vimercate , launched by Charles Amatetti just for fun , celebrating its first five years of life. And it does so in its own way , putting on the book market what is called ” ( Perhaps ) the funniest book of the year .”

And ‘ in fact in the library ” A Fishing with Groucho ” by Irving Brecher ( and Hank Rosenfeld ) .

Irving Brecher , intelligent and active nonagenarian , is the author and screenwriter of the most prolific and original entertainment world that the U.S. has ever known. The heart of this memoir is dedicated to the friendship between Brecher and Groucho Marx , whose portrait Irv gives a novel and exhilarating . A Fishing with Groucho is also a treasure trove of anecdotes that tell of a world populated by stars, starlets , producers and bosses of the Studios , a world that no longer exists but that makes us laugh and dream again today.

Groucho Marx called Brecher ” The most perfidious language of the West” , and the friendship between Brecher and Groucho – a ” dangerous companion ,” said Irv – is at the heart of this hilarious memoir that not only reveal a novel Groucho , but are a treasure trove of delightful anecdotes , and often surreal , and it was on the Hollywood stars who have made it legendary : from the Marx Brothers to John Wayne, Judy Garland George Burns, Milton Berle passing , Jack Benny and all the who’s who of comedy vaudeville before, and then Hollywood .

The journalist Hank Rosenfeld in six years of lunches , walks and evenings has collected this precious story by Irving Brecher , author of the most prolific and brilliant that Hollywood has ever known.

Fishing with Groucho is a ride from the dawn of the entertainment world to the affirmation of Hollywood as the Mecca of cinema , the story of a world populated by many stars, starlets and boss of the Studios , a world that makes us laugh , move and dream today.

And this story appeared as a tribute on what would have been Irv Brecher’s 100th birthday, February 17 2014

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